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International Customs Clearance

Ship Miners, Move Mining Sites, Import/Export Crypto Miners

Crypto Logistics features a wide variety of shipping, insurance, and logistics services.
Whether you’re shipping direct from Factory to your Mining operation or need to move sites, our experienced team is here to help.

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Import New Crypto Miners

Ship your Crypto Miners direct from Factory to your facility


The Crypto Logistics team fills and files all necessary Customs paperwork in advance to make your next shipment quick and efficient. Shipping and Importing Crypto Miners can be confusing and time-consuming, our experts streamline the process. Wherever you plan to setup your mining operation, we’ll get your equipment there.

Read our White Papers to learn how we’ve already moved 1/2 a Billion dollars worth of Crypto Miners around the globe.  While you may be starting with Crpyto Miners direct from factory, when you’re ready to scale up or move jurisdictions, our team is ready to help.


Move Crypto Mining Sites

Moving your site and setup your next location


Whether you’re moving locally or across international borders, our team is prepared to manage your move. From packing to shipping and Crypto Miner customs clearance, every step is accounted for from start to finish. We’ll simultaneously setup your new site with generators, racked shipping containers, and backup power supply. 

Our close relationship with Sealion Cargo gives you access to a full suite of Project Management and oversized cargo logistics services – managed directly by your rep in the Crypto Logistics division. Learn more about our Site Move and Project Management in our White Papers.

Import / Export Used Crypto Miners

Our team checks every box when you’re importing and exporting used Crypto Miners

Our Services

  • Import/Export Documentation
  • Import Taxation
  • Customs Requirements
  • Customs & Documentation Specialist
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Packing Lists

Our network of freight partners isn’t hub-based like DHL or Purolator meaning we ship faster, effortlessly clear customs and move your Miners with less handling at warehouses. Because we route directly, our Pricing Team can usually save your company 50% or more on Miner shipments.

Storage and Testing

Do you have a large collection of Crypto Miners you need tested and stored before distribution?


With an existing facility in Calgary Canada, we provide the space to test hash-rates and hardware conditions. Consider us your safe-haven storage for Miners in politically unstable parts of the globe. If you need them out fast, we’ll get them to our facility or create one in your preferred destination.

Our experienced staff will set up testing facilities near almost any international airport. If you need a testing facility closer to your final mining site, our team will get boots on the ground to execute a quick setup, hash rate testing period, and final local delivery.

Crypto Miner Shipping Insurance

Miner Shipment Insurance is critical


Secure your Miners from loss, theft, and other dangers. We partner with international Underwriters to apply the right coverage to each move. Since 2021 we’ve covered over 300 million dollars worth of Crypto Miner moves to multiple global destinations.

Whether you’re shipping 1 or 10,000 Crypto Miners, don’t lose out on your valuable investment. Start a chat with us today and secure your shipment insurance.

International Customs Clearance

Moving Miners across International Borders requires knowledge and experience.


Our Customs and Documentation Specialists take care of all the heavy lifting from Import/Export Documentation, Taxation, Customs Clearance and much more.

We’ve moved Crypto Miners to every inhabited continent on Earth and understand the specific requirements of individual countries and regions – helping you avoid fines, delays and other common Customs stumbling blocks.  Our full suite of Logistics Services will get your Miners to their destination – clearing customs properly ensures a seamless transaction.

Note: This product is delivered through our Trade Services arm Rubican Global Trade Solutions.





Crypto Logistics is North America’s preferred Crypto Miner shipping company.

Our seasoned team handles your shipments so you can focus on growing your company.  Discover our premium shipping services – wherever on Earth you’re going, we’ll get it there.