International Shipping and CRYPTO
Logistics Services for Miners

Crypto Logistics’ team of expert Shipping Specialists use direct shipping routes. Avoid multiple warehouse hubs, reduce your shipment times and save up to 34% compared to DHL, Purolator, and other hub-oriented shipping companies.

Ship Crypto Miners

Purchasing new Crypto Miners from Malaysia, Indonesia, or China?

 Avoid multiple warehouse hubs, reduce shipment times and save $$$ compared to retail shipping companies. Crypto Logistics’ team of Freight Specialists use direct shipping routes.

We provide on-the-ground support, packing, inventory management, and securing for safe global transport of your crypto miners.

Move Your Mining Site

Our team of Project Management experts have moved sites from Texas to Kazakhstan and many other global destinations.

We provide on-the-ground support, packing, inventory management, and securing for safe global transport. Start planning your site move.

Secure your Crypto Miners from theft, damage, and other dangers during shipment.

Insure Miner Shipments

Crypto Logistics maintains specific coverage for Crypto Miners.

Secure your Miners from theft, damage, and other dangers. We partner with international Underwriters to apply the right coverage for each move. Start a chat with us today and secure your shipment.

Crypto Miners Shipped

Mining Sites Relocated

Total Output

Tested Per Day on Mobile Rig

Total Miner Asset Value Moved


What We Do For You/Scope of Services


  • Prepare Cargo for Shipment
  • Secure Optimal Transportation
  • Door to Door Cargo Insurance
  • Live Monitoring of Each Shipment
  • Customs Advice and Clearance
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Testing Facility Setup
  • Delivery to Final Destination
  • No matter how remote


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Learn How We Moved 20,000 Miners From China to Canada in 1 Week

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Customer Success Stories

Some of Our Favorite People

The Crypto Logistics team deeply understands the complexity of global shipping. Working as a division of Sealion Cargo, a leading North American Freight Forwarder, our team is dedicated to finding the fastest and safest Crypto Miner shipping routes.

When you’re procuring new machines in China and Malaysia for global delivery, our service begins at the factory door – working on your behalf to keep your transit time and cost to a minimum. From manufacturing plants to global destinations like Kazakhstan and the USA – we ship everywhere.

Since 2014, we’ve developed global trade routes with Air, Ocean and Land partners to deliver quick, secure freight services. Wherever you’re shipping, we have quality partners to get your Miners there. Meet some of our customers below and learn why they chose to trust our expert team with moves from a few pallets to 100,000 miners at once.

Customer Success Stories

Some of Our Favorite People

Will Wu

Atlas Crypto Mining

“To be honest, most tasks from Atlas are not easy jobs – but the Crypto Logistics by Sealion Cargo team always make it happen.

All shipments are completed in good order without any mistake. .

ASICXchange crypto mining hardware and consulting.

Michael Dustaliyev


“I didn’t know shipping crypto miners worldwide could be this easy.

Thanks to the Crypto Logistics team we can run our business with high standards – and keep our reputation in place”

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Crypto Logistics is North America’s preferred Crypto Miner shipping company.

Our seasoned team handles your shipments so you can focus on growing your company.

Discover our premium shipping services – wherever on Earth you’re going, we’ll get it there.